Saturday, February 5

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Saturday, January 8

An incredible finish to an incredible/y hard year.  A couple of weeks spent in the poorest area of Cambodia, loving the most beautiful orphans you can imagine. When asked to describe this trip, I am often at a loss. I know that I saw restoration. I was given restoration.

Leaving was incredibly difficult, and I shed many tears. I will not forget those beautiful ones; you are imprinted on my heart.

The day I arrived back in Canada two friends and I went to see the new Narnia film. Say what you will, but I loved it. In a sense, it summed up what I had just experienced: Being taken to far away land. Fighting some monsters. Hearts transformed. Glimpses of glory. Victories. Discovering value. Unexpected friendships. Recovering hope.
I have never seen a movie that struck so many chords. Or experienced such a dramatically significant series of moments in such a short time.

It seems that, just as Aslan told the Pevensies, I was brought to Cambodia that I might know Him better. I am back in this land now, and I must continue to seek Him. I must live in the reality of what I have learned. And if He should call me back, I will be most delighted.